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Kick-Ass Brass! vst AU virtual instrument
"...its sound is simply stellar – this virtual instrument fully justifies its name."
- MacUser
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New Release - Virtual Instrument
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"...it is possible to create some excellent results...These new instruments sound just as good as the original material, with the muted trumpet being particularly atmospheric...AMG have done an equally good job with the graphical front-end, and have combined good looks with ease of use...the plug-in worked flawlessly...The built-in effects sound good...Kick-Ass Brass is still one of the most convincing ways to create modern brass sections...Overall, this library is aptly named - the samples themselves sound great and the front end is very slick."
- Sound On Sound
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Beat Producer virtual instrument vst plugin AU
Award winning Mac samples
"On this showing... 'the complete loop solution.” - MacUser
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A guide to Virtual Instruments...

Audio Unit

Audio Units

The Audio Unit is a relatively new format developed by Apple and specific to the Mac platform. The Audio Unit is the only format that can now be used natively in Apple's own software such as Logic and GarageBand although many third party Mac DAWs can also use Audio Units and AU-VST 'wrappers' are available to allow you to use Audio Units on any DAW that only natively supports the VST format.


The VST (Virtual Studio Technology) format was a pioneer of the virtual instrument concept created by Steinberg. The VST format is cross-platform and widely utilized for both instruments and signal processors. VST is the most widely used format although Apple have excluded it's support from it's own software in preference to the Audio Unit format it developed as part of it's Core Audio technologies. VSTi simply refers to VST Instruments.
RTAS Pro Tools Virtual Instruments


RTAS stands for Real Time AudioSuite format developed by Digidesign specifically for it's industry-standard Pro Tools DAW. RTAS is therefore specifically for Pro Tools users and allows them to integrate plug-ins straight into Pro Tools just as Audio Units and VSTi's.
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We, like many producers, when applicable, also provide Standalone versions of our instruments for users who do not use a DAW or simply prefer to access directly, independently of any other software or externally from it.

AMG-Software.com our dedicated site...

After developing samples for so many years the natural progression into developing your own virtual instruments is a natural one. AMG has always clearly been a leader in loops so Beat Producer aka ONE was very predictable, but the hugely successful Kick-Ass Brass! is not our usual style of product but has proved to be one of the most successful and popular we have ever developed.

An intro to...

Kick-Ass Brass!

Kick-Ass Brass! is widely acknowledged as the finest brass virtual instrument available. It sounds 'simply stellar' and is extremely easy to use. If you don't know about Kick-Ass Brass! find out all you need to know at AMG-Software.com

Beat Producer - plus SOLO available FREE...

Beat Producer is the new name for ONE. It builds on the same technology and adds Apple Loops support. Learn more about Beat Producer at BeatProducer.com - inc. Solo the FREE VST virtual instrument
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Kick-Ass Brass! - Beat Producer - Beat Producer Solo - Beat Producer Expansion Libraries…
We also offer libraries specially formatted for Spectrasonic's Stylus RMX