Temporary Authorization Page

Please complete the form below to request a license file!

This is a temporary service until we launch a new automated version. All previous login info is now irrelevant. You will be directed to the new service as soon as it is introduced.

NOTE: Please do NOT type machine IDs. click on the ID and copy/paste the code into the field below. For Beat Producer please select the right version and mention any additional libraries in the text field ay the end so we can include these in the license file too. Please include your address info so we license this to you. You have a single user license so we need to know who you are, it's not licensed to a company or group of people, just you.

Also this is the ONLY way to license your plugins. For some reason people seem to think this process is a one-off or just for fun and the real system is simply to send an email. It’s not, it doesn’t say anything like that anywhere, emails do not work.