11 more Stylus RMX titles out now!

Hot on the heels on the seven Stylus RMX libraries released last month are another 11 RMX-formatted titles. These include both the new Lukecage Trilogies - Urban Renewal and The Trilogy of Thump - plus 5 classic titles - Trademark Hip Hop, Vince Clarke, Lucky Bastard, Norman Cook’s Skip to my Loops, Lizard Breaks & Cuckooland’s Completely Bonkers.

6 New Releases from Lukecage!

Lukecage is back with not one but TWO new TRILOGIES! The Trilogy of Thump is a modern, commercial series whilst Urban Renewal is a unique series that remixes many classic AMG loops for today. All six volumes are available in REX, Stylus RMX and WAV formats.

3 more new releases out now!

Download versions of three popular libraries are now available for instant download - Black II Black Vols 3&4 and Tony Mason…Steamin’.

AMG release Freak Box!

Freak Box is the brand new sample library from DJ Harsh aka Oliver Wüst and Ralf Nötzel - a massive collection of around 2200 loops and samples with no fillers. All bar a small handful of one-shot sounds are presented in REX format. Following on where his Sample Messiah library left off this library once again is a gold mine of modern, underground european dance samples fresh from club dance floors of Berlin. Available in three parts for $39 or all three for $99 it’s available now for instant download here!